Colegio San Pascual La educación como valor

Plataforma educativa



  • Activities of Europe Cell Project and Beda Project.
  • Workshops to encourage reading by Ed. Verbum.
  • Activities around the Constitution Day.
  • We sing Christmas carols in the Church of San Pascual.
  • Erasmus +: Activities and mobilities to other countries.
  • Storytelling Project.
  • Visit of the Three Wise Men to the school.
  • Emergency exit drill.
  • Celebration of Peace Day.
  • Carnival.
  • Celebration of the Book Day.
  • Excursion to the Gardens and Museums of Aranjuez.
  • Celebration of the 50th anniversary of our school.
  • Cultural Week.
  • Encouragement to reading by an illustrator and/or author.
  • Encouragement to reading with animators and puppet shows.
  • Celebration of the Environment Day.
  • Truancy Control Program.
  • School Evacuation and Self-protection Program.
  • School Monitoring Programs.
  • Prevention of Bullying * Comprehensive School Safety Plan.
  • Program for the promotion of extracurricular sports activities.
  • Visit to the Thyssen Museum.
  • Visit to the Albitania Farm.
  • Visit to the Story Farm.
  • -Outings to the Abastos Market.
  • Visit to the Madrid Zoo.
General activities, early childhood education
  • Excursion to the center’s facilities to become familiar with it.
  • Visit to the Farm School “La granja de los cuentos”.
  • Water Party.
  • Quarterly projects.
  • Carnival.
  • Environmental education program.
  • Outings to the Market and the Gardens of Aranjuez.
  • Project “The Seasons”.
  • Encouragement to reading by one of the publishing houses with which the Center works.
General activities, primary education
  • Book Day, reading of different stories (interculturality).
  • Peace Day.
  • Healthy breakfasts in charge of the City Council of Aranjuez.
  • Workshops on prevention of addiction to new technologies.
  • Quarterly projects.
  • Cultural Week.
  • Visit to the Zoo.
  • Thyssen Museum.
  • Visit to Toledo.
  • Visit to the Gardens of Aranjuez.