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Beda Kids Project

The BEDA KIDS MODEL is aimed at strengthening and improving the teaching of English in Early Childhood Education.


With this model, we intend to help our students achieve a greater level of English language proficiency and to improve upon the work we have been carrying out over the years in these age groups.
As part of the Beda program, Beda kids has 3 main goals/ objectives:
To implement the BEDA KIDS model in Educación Infantil we have to integrate the following action steps:

The teaching methodology must be active, fun, flexible, stimulating and comprehensive, with an aim to start significant learning of the English language in a natural way.

Escuelas Católicas offers the teachers a training proposal, which responds to these criteria, through the BEDA KIDS coordinator.

The assessment system in BEDA KIDS will mainly focus on basic skills. It will assess learning through games, songs and everyday stories.

At this stage the students will have a Conversation Assistant, who will also be present in Primary Education classes.

The Assistant will deliver fun and playful activities to increase the level of English language we will use activities such as drama, music, magic, storytelling…

An important implementation in Early Childhood Education is the “Happy Hearts” method which is based on the adventures of a cat named Kenny and his two friends Molly and Billy. Together with them we will immerse ourselves in a world of fun, in which we will live great adventures and learn in a playful way, with very attractive resources, focused on attracting and capturing the attention of students.

El curso está basado en rimas, cuentos, juegos y divertidas canciones que se basan en melodías tradicionales del habla inglesa y se centran en el enfoque holístico de la enseñanza en Infantil. Las actividades se han diseñado para adaptarse a todo tipo de estilos de aprendizaje y en todo momento tienen en cuenta las diferencias de los alumnos a tan temprana edad.


This year we have the presence in the classrooms of Emmet, a young man from Ireland, who is working as a conversation assistant with all the students of the school. Hannah’s presence is a great opportunity for our students and is not only a linguistic enrichment, but also an intercultural one. Every week the students have a session dedicated to oral expression, guided by the assistant.

The assistant’s work is coordinated with the English teachers, so that their activities are designed to reinforce the grammatical content and vocabulary seen in the classroom. With the younger children we work through stories and songs, working on phonetics.

Day by day, with the help of the assistant, the students go deeper into learning and perfecting the English language and learning more about British culture.

We hope to learn a lot of English with your help! with the collaboration of the Macmillan publishing house; and the application of an external evaluation of the students and of the Center’s own project through Cambridge ESOL. Likewise, the incorporation to the BEDA Program will allow the center to display, in the public place it deems appropriate, a plaque acknowledging such participation.