Colegio San Pascual La educación como valor

Plataforma educativa


Last Friday, April 5, the students immersed themselves in the fantastic world of books
Last Thursday, April 4th, the 4th-grade students received a talk given by Nurse Maribel Luján.
The Police gave a meeting about bullying to 5th and 6th students last March 6th. They informed them about the different types of bullying and different ways to avoid these issues.
Our 4th graders have paid a visit to the local library “Isabel de Farnesio”,
Third grade enters the world of paddle!
Our San Pascual’s students have learnt about Easter festivity thank to Hannah who is the English assistan of San Pascual.
One more year we hold We this Irish festivity again.
Being faithful to our commitment to preserving the environment
Primary school students enjoy an educational experience in a yoghurt factory.
The little ones in Primary have taken a beautiful winter walk touring the Prince's Garden