Colegio San Pascual La educación como valor

Plataforma educativa

Center's Digital Plan


We are immersed in a technological project in which digital tools have evolved over the years. Currently, our center has the following digital tools:

The implementation of the use of the different tools has been established in our center gradually in the different courses according to the level and needs of our students.

The teaching staff is immersed in the school’s digitalization plan. Although all teachers do not start from the same level of digital competence, this is not an impediment to put into practice the knowledge that the process has and the continuous training of the same.

It should be noted that the socio-economic level of the families that make up our school is a medium-low level. There is a high number of families that enjoy grants and scholarships; thanks to the bureaucratic management of the school’s management team. These aids are concentrated in the accede plan, canteen aids, etc. For the implementation of the digital tools needed by the students to develop the Educational Project, the families assume the payment of the renting of these platforms and resources. For this purpose, the center facilitates many families to make the payment in installments throughout the school year.