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The dining room is open during the whole school year (from September to June), from 2:00 pm to 4:00 pm. In this activity the students are in charge of three monitors in charge of the specific tasks of the dining room (cooking, serving tables, picking up, helping the children to eat…), a teacher and a representative of the management team who are responsible for compliance with the rules of the dining room, and to ensure the proper functioning of the same, as well as to ensure that all facilities are maintained in good condition of use. It is one of the activities most requested by families.

Since September 2015 it is in charge of the catering company (COMEDORES BLANCO).

By clicking on the link you will find the menu for the month of March 2023:  

The center will remain open one hour before classes start (7:30h to 8:30h), for those students who need it due to their parents’ work situation. With the option of breakfast every day or every other day. This activity is in charge of the company “Comedores Blanco” with a monitor who is responsible for the students until school starts.
(Extended afternoon schedule): As we have a continuous school day, our center offers this activity, including snacks, from 16h to 18h for all students who need it due to the parents’ work schedule. This activity organized by the company “Comedores Blanco” is in charge of a monitor who is responsible for the students.