Colegio San Pascual La educación como valor

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Yesterday was a very special day for the 5th and 6th-grade students as they visited the ONCE Guide Dogs Foundation in Boadilla del Monte.
It´s been a doubly special day for us; not only have we held the International Day of Children´s Rights
San Pascual educational community remains commited to carrying out our Project “Special Days”
On November 9, the first, second and third grade students went on an excursion to the “El Álamo” school farm.
Today, on the 2nd of November, we ´ve held the International Day agaisnt School Bullying and School Harassment.
On Tuesday, October 31st, all preschool students have been transformed into witches, demons, skeletons, vampires, pumpkins and other monsters, to celebrate a Halloween party.
Our Sanpascualin@s who went in for the Cambridge Yle exams have collected their certificates, with high marks.
On October 2, the 3rd grade Primary School students spent a very special morning visiting the local Fire Station.
A month full of emotions, feelings, doubts, tears, laughter, but above all, many experiences.