Colegio San Pascual La educación como valor

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“Special Days”

Last day we held the International Day of the persons with Disabilities, and thus, along this brief week, the Sanpascual family´ve decided to make it clear that this celebration shouldn´t depend on an specifiv day, giving visibility and raising the proper awareness it deserves, and consequently,  fostering both personal and ethical values as an essential part of our education.

In doing so, we´ve been able to recall and reflect along pupils from the Principe de Asturias school, who undoubtedly´ve been the best guides and hosts we could´ve had being that there´re always ways to learn which, with their differences and similarities, converge to the achievement of a common goal., which is no other than the personal development and inner growth, aspects to which all of us have right to Access.

Accepting the proposed invitation, we´ve crafted a ribbon as a symbol of  cohesion towards diversity.

We´d like to share with you an anonym reflection, which could´ve been written for our Project “Special Days”.

There shouldn´t be anyone on the Earth who would need to be included in a world he/she already owns.