Colegio San Pascual La educación como valor

Plataforma educativa


Last Friday, May 17, our school commemorated St. Pascual's Day with a Eucharistic celebration presided over by our parish priest, Eduardo.
During the Cultural Week, the Primary Education students enjoyed the excursion to the Piragüera de Aranjuez.
What a fun day!!! Our school playground has become a great fair in which adults and children alike have enjoyed the numerous attractions.
Last 3rd of April, our kindergarten pupils visited “El Jardin de la Isla” so as to carry out the Spring Workshop, included in our Seasons of the year Project- This year the common thread ´s been the Ugly Duckling tale.
As is tradition, during Cultural Week, we dedicate some of the days to doing a small aerobics class.
Our 4th-grade students had the opportunity to spend a lovely morning with the students and teachers of the Príncipe de Asturias School.
Last April 19 and 22, our 5th and 6th grade Sanpascualinos performed two theatres in English of two great popular stories
The 18th of April, 5th and 6th grade class received a visit from María del Pozo, who is in charge of the Cultural Delegation of Aranjuez and José Antonio López, who is a writer that tells wonderful stories about the history of Aranjuez.
One more year, all the schoolchildren together with the teachers have celebrated Book Day. We have done this course in a special way
Last Friday, April 5, the students immersed themselves in the fantastic world of books