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Spring workshop

Last 3rd of April, our kindergarten pupils visited “El Jardin de la Isla” so as to carry out the Spring Workshop, included in our Seasons of the year Project- This year the common thread ´s been the Ugly Duckling tale.

We´ve learnt several things about this season; its fruits and vegetables, the parts of a plant, primary and secoundary colours, the different climatological characterictics associated to each season….and values such as acceptance and non-discrimination of other people for their appareance. In order to liven up each activity we danced and sang funny songs

As a final touch , we got back to school  with a view to giving out out diplomas, provided by the headmistress.

We´d like to thank parents who have taken part in this workshop, who have disguised themselves wearing animal costumes apart form preparing cheering and Dynamic activities.

What a funny workshop!! We´ve learnt a lot!!!