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International Family Day

On May the 20th, we celebrate International Family Day.

The family is the fundamental pillar of our students. The values, the understanding, the availability of these are essential in the lives of our children. School and family must be united to facilitate the education of San Pascual students.

During this day the different grades did different activities:

In Preschool, they have worked on family day watching a video and making a drawing of the family members.

In the first cycle of Primary, the students have colored a heart-shaped flower where they thank families for their role in growth. They have also read a poem with the fundamental ingredients within the family (caresses, hugs, respect, tolerance, avoiding bad moods).

Third class have made a flower of gratitude has been made to their families. In fourth class, they have worked on the values ​​that exist in the family and have drawn their families.

In the third cycle, a dynamic was carried out on the different types of families. This dynamic consisted of some photos with some families and their descriptions. These cards came designed like an Instagram post (INSTAFAM). They looked for the cards around the class and had to find the family and its corresponding description. To conclude with the activity, they wrote a description of their own families and a picture of them.