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                                         “DIGITAL STORYTELLING

Throughout this week San Pascual school has hosted our Erasmus+ partners so as to keep developing the “DigitalStoryTelling” Project in our classrooms. Thus, pupils from Portugal, Belgium,Turkey and Finland have been working cooperatively alongside our SanPascualin@s in tasks such as “Videobiography” and “Public services announcements”

On Monday, as a welcome, both our headmistress and our SanPascualin@s greeted coordinators and pupils with a welcoming speech, in addition to delighting them all with a flute concert and several sport dances. Then, all pupils had a great time playing traditional and popular games from Spain which our pupils had previosly planned for them. The kept sharing experiences at the dining room.

Later, all of them went canoeing on the Tajo River. They had a great  day!!!

To continue with, all groups presented the Videobiography projects they had previously been working on. Afterwards, they got involved in the “public services announcements”.

They were supposed to carry out a brochure in groups, depicting what the ideal public services should be across Europe. Hence, pupils could understand and find out from each other what services each country offers and the common points within the European community.

So as to build our strength back, we had a paella at school!!

We decided to visit Madrid on Wednesday, so we hop onto a double-decker bus which took us to the most famous landmarks in town. Later, we had the classic squid sandwirch in Plaza Mayor. Madrid will never cease to amaze us!!!

We visited Toledo on Thursday. This legendary city, full of myths and legends, of folklore, of culture, of history , breathtaking architecture engaged the senses of all pupils and coordinators ,who, because of the Project introduced in Finland, (Myths and Legends), couldn´t avoid finding paralelisms and  analogies about the activity presented by Spain. They were taken through Toledo, both on its Surface and in its subterranean part, where they were talked, among other things, about the mix of cultures thoughout the centuries in this magical place.

After building our strength back, we got on a “chiquitren” which took us to a viewpoint where all of us were able to have quite a good view of the city.

To finish with, and as a farewell on the last day, (Friday), our headmistress, along the Aranjuez City Council Autorithies  represented by Miguel Gómez, gave certificates out to the involved coordinators and pupils. 

Before the last guided tour,  we all had churros and porras at the dining room

We couldn´t allow partners and children leave Aranjuez without showing them the Royal Palace and the Royal Gardens. In doing so, the guides showed them  fountains, gardens , the mythology  and the magic which sorround each corner in Aranjuez. Then, we all hop onto “the chiquitren”. Afterwards, and to round up the expedition, we had lunch at the historical restaurant “El Rana”


As it couldn´t be otherwise, we MUST thank families for the great job they´ve done when it comes down to getting involved in the Project, hosting and interacting with children from Turkey, Finland, Portugal….in such an exceptional way. Both parents and children showed enthusiasm, joy and affection while sharing experiences and activities.  



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